Saturday, February 23, 2008

Annual Ya Ya Birthday trip...

Well, it's about time again for our annual YaYa weekend away for my birthday. This year we are going to drive to Florence and letterbox all the way up to Lincoln City where Jen's brother got us a room for $30 in the hotel he works at. It will be nice to get away.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Loon Lake Resort box

We just spent a lovely weekend camping at the most beautiful place! You should check it out for yourself sometime. The lake was warm and the kids had a blast swimming and splashing in it. Camping was a treat and when we realized we had forgotten to bring the syrup to go with our morning pancakes, we hopped on up to the lodge's little country store and bought a bottle (big enough to ensure 11 people had plenty of syrup for those pancakes!) for a surprisingly decent price.

Local deer frequented the area around the lodge as there was deer feed placed in various places like the charming little decorative well and the hollow of an old stump for them to enjoy. The first morning of our trip, we were ecstatic to find the deer wandering through our camp nonchalantly as if it were completely normal.

He even took a snack right from my husband's hand (which, for all of you who are presently freaking out about us feeding wildlife and such, we normally would NEVER do, but it was very obvious these animals were quite used to such behavior and our feeding them was in no way going to harm them or quite honestly make any impact whatsoever in their lives... we merely took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.)

Sitting around the fire, I could not help but carve a stamp to commemorate such a wonderful adventure and thus this box was born. The first of you to find it might also find a little guest nestled snugly inside the box. (Everyone loves a HH, right?)

Well, on to the hunt..........

To get to Loon Lake Lodge--

From Reedsport/101:
Exit 101 at Hwy 38 and go east along the Umpqua River. About 13 miles from Reedsport, there will be a Loon Lake sign directing a RIGHT turn on Loon Lake Road. Go nine miles to Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort.

From Interstate 5:
Exit I-5 at Hwy 38 (about 12 miles south of Cottage Grove, or 36 miles north of Roseburg) and go west about 20 miles through the town of Elkton. Stay on Hwy 38 and go about 22 miles until you cross a large bridge. After the bridge, there will be a Loon Lake sign directing a LEFT turn on Loon Lake Road. Go nine miles to Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort.(Note: the lodge is located past the BLM campgrounds).

To get to the box --

Park at the lodge store on the right side of the road. Across the road and back the way you came you will find Group Campsite 71. Count about 20 paces up the driveway from the Group campsite 71 sign. On your left will be a moss covered tree near the driveway. To the right of that will be a bank of ferns. Between these you will find a large moss-covered stump. If you search the lower part of this stump and look for a hollow place you will find your prize buried under forest litter.

Happy hunting and, as always, be careful out there.

Friday, July 13, 2007

You're Invited...

Ahhh...the weather's perfect.
Sun is shining warm on my face and
I can smell the sweet grass of a recently mown lawn.
What should we do today?
Let's go on a picnic!
Quick, pack your things. Don't forget the sunscreen. Bring your favorite dish and we'll add it to the basket. Who could resist on a day like today?
Mmmm...anyone hungry?
Sign up for this postal and recieve a picnic in the mail. You can add a stamp to the potluck or just share in the bounty. Turn around should be 3-5 days. As always, HH are welcome and there should be plenty of room for friends to stamp in.
Maybe you could have a little mini meet of your own and invite your friends for a real picnic. You could all stamp in...enjoy the frisbee......or whatever you like. Maybe it's a picnic for one. Take your lunch and this box somewhere beautiful and relax with a good book...a sketch pad...or maybe a nice long nap.